Gallery-museum of Erkin Joldasov (1.1.1954 – 18.2.2012) Галерея-музей Эркина Жолдасова


Certificate from KGB’s archive

Lysenko. The painting before beginning of restoration by Erkin

Applications of Erkin’s wife for help

From Prosecutor’s office of Kazakhstan about grandfather

Lysenko. The painting after restoration by Erkin and his colleagues.jpg

Interviewer’s Certificate from the Expert Sociological Centre


Certificate of the membership of youth section of the USSR Union of Artists

Interviewer’s Certificate from Ijtimoiy fikr Sociological Centre

List of exhibitions

Certificate of the membership, Uzbek Academy of Arts

Draft application for an Exhibition Project — 2002

Savitskiy notes and others

Certificate of membership in the USSR Union of Artists


From diaries of restoration

Certificate of honor